What is a Compact Circular Saw used for?

For someone who is looking to work on a material that needs to be cut joined and joined, a saw is a power tool that cannot be avoided. While a compact circular saw is the most basic power tool, it is comparatively easy to use and affordable. To understand what it is used for, you should first understand the tool and its nature. Here is what a compact circular saw is used for.

  • Straight cuts 

Regardless of the type of circular you use, a circular saw could always be used to perform the most basic type of cutting, the straight cut. One of the main reasons why most carpenters and woodworkers consider purchasing a good compact circular saw is that they are lightweight, and portable, at the same time, it could make straight cuts perfectly.

Compact Circular Saw

  • Make miter cuts, bevel cuts 

Since compact circular saws are very small they could be used to make miter, rip, and bevel cuts if they come incorporated with a tilting shoe. Most commonly, a compact circular saw could make bevel cuts anywhere between 0 to 45-degree.

  • Specific depth bevel cuts 

As mentioned above, compact circular saws could make bevel cuts at an angle between 0 to 45-degree. At the same time, it could cut depth around 1 to 1.5-inches.

  • Cutting down long plywood 

A compact circular saw lightweight and portable, therefore, it could be handled and used with one hand. This is why it could be used for cutting long plywood with ease. However, you need to use extruded foam or small blocks to support the plywood so that the blade could deep into the plywood.

  • Cutting logs into firewood 

If you do not have a chainsaw or table saw to cut large and long firewood into logs, then a compact circular saw could be used as an alternative as it could be used to cut firewood into small logs. However, if it is hardwood, then a worm drive saw should be used as it produces enough torque to cut through the hardwood.

  • Cut large-sized timber 

A compact circular saw could be used to cut large size timber that has a similar feature to plywood. All you have to do is support the wood, in order, to prevent crooked cuts.

Apart from everything mentioned above, here are some of the uses of the compact circular saw –

  • The biggest advantage of a compact circular saw is that they are portable and unlike a table saw, it could be taken around and used to cut wood with ease.
  • Compact circular saws are lightweight; therefore, any user could operate with one hand. This makes it best for experts and intermediates users.
  • Yet another big advantage of a compact circular saw is that it is available in both the left-hand and right-hand models. The user could select an appropriate type based on the dominant hand.
  • Some compact circular saw come with LED lights that could help the user cut stock at dark places. Some of them are cordless and comes with a fast-charging option that could charge the saw within a few hours.

All these advantages are the driving factors that attract more people to compact circular saw. However, based on the hardness of the wood, the type of compact circular saw should be selected.