Top 5 Best Selling Front Load Washing Machine In India 2020

Several individuals and families have made a quick switch to the front load from top load washing machines. With so many popular and reliable brands in India like LG, IFB, and Bosch, getting quality and a trustworthy front loader washer has become easy.

Let us look at the Top 5 Best Selling Front load Washing Machines in India 2020:

  1. Bosch- 8kg capacity -WAT2446IN


  • Efficient
  • Energy saving
  • The design has an anti-vibration feature
  • Active Water featured technology with 256 sensing levels
  • 1200 rpm of spin speed
  • Express wash- Time-saving
  • Touch panel
  • German engineered
  • Vario drum
  • Child lock enhanced
  • Motor warranty of 10 years and a product warranty of 2 years.

Express wash gives a wash of lower than 60 minutes. Active water sensing adjusts the level of water-based on clothes, fabric and weight. Anti-vibration adds to machine stability. Noise reduction by minimizing friction and with a brushless machine motor. It operates even at lower water pressures and avoids salt accumulation.

2.LG- 8kg capacity- FH2G6TDNL42


  • Water-saving
  • Energy saving
  • The technology of Direct drive
  • 6 motion controls
  • technology
  • 1200 rpm of spin speed
  • Motor warranty- 10 years and product warranty- 2 years.
  • Smart featured diagnosis
  • One-touch
  • Auto-restart
  • Stainless steel drum-rust free
  • Child lock

The drum that washes the clothes moves in different directions to provide the fabrics placed appropriate care. Belt and pulley usage is eliminated with a direct drive, which also minimizes vibrations and noise. This enables a wash with hot water to the soiled clothes and thereby eradicates hard stains. A hot wash of 40 degrees eliminates enzymes, bacteria, and any residues of detergent for a hygienic wash. A smart diagnosis permits the machine-related app to connect to your washing machine.

  1. IFB-8 kg capacity- Senator Aqua SX


  • Energy and water-efficient
  • 1400 rpm – spin speed
  • Motor warranty- 4years and product warranty-4 years.
  • Number of wash programs like Air Bubble wash, 3D wash, and Cradle wash
  • LCD
  • Ball valve technology
  • Crescent moon drum
  • Aqua Energy filter

Cradle wash is best for washing baby clothes. With the Aqua Energie feature, the treatment process makes use of a filter that energizes Aqua or Water for the detergent to dissolve. 3D wash provides extra soaking before wash.

  1. Samsung- 8kg capacity- WW80J4243MW/TL


  • Eco Drum
  • 1200 rpm-spin speed
  • Efficient in energy
  • Eco Bubble Technology
  • 2-Years- product warranty and 10-years motor warranty

Eco bubble feature enables the washing of huge loads at lower temperatures with detergent activating bubbles that penetrate the fabric to eliminate dirt. Bubble soak permits extra soaking for soil loosening from the clothes.

  1. Lloyd- 7kg capacity-LWMF70


  • Perfect for families of medium size
  • Classic look with the outer casing being white
  • 1000 rpm-spin speed
  • Efficient and quick
  • Offers five washing choices
  • LED monitor display with variable settings
  • Intelligent control
  • Time and progress indicator
  • Auto balance
  • Smart drum option for cleaning
  • Child lock

With the primary features listed above, one shall be able to select the best Front load washing machine that offers you higher efficiency, quick wash, and affordability.