Top 3 Non-Stick Pan Using Mistakes

Non-stick cookware is very friendly for cooking good quality food without any sticking experience. That’s why the non-stick pans have secured their place in everyone’s kitchen. Most of the people prefer non-stick pans over previous conventional pans. You can use a non-stick pan or non-stick cookware for both home and professional purposes. That means if you have a food store, a non-stick pan can be helpful to cook more delicious foods. The non-stick cookware allows you to process and cook the food by sticking and breaking that.

Anyway, besides the popularity of the non-stick cookware, some people don’t like it at all. You can find out many negative reviews about non-stick cookware on online shopping sites or stores. However, the percentage of people who don’t like non-stick cookware is much lesser than happy users. The users who aren’t satisfied with the products must have used the non-stick cookware in some wrong ways. That’s why they got their pans, or other cookware damaged quickly and easily. In this article, you’re going to know about the main mistakes that ruin the non-stick cookware.

Non-Stick Pan

Top mistakes of the users that ruin the condition of the non-stick cookware

Not reading the user-manual

Every sales package includes a user manual to guide the users on how to use it. The non-stick cookware is not the exception. But most people don’t go through the user-manual before they start using the product. That’s a vital mistake. Especially in the case of the non-stick cookware, you can’t start using it without reading the manual. There are instructions in the manual for using the non-stick cookware in a better way. Non-stick cookware is way different from normal utensils. You can’t use metal utensils along with a non-stick pan. There are also others using restrictions that you can’t know without reading the manual. So, just make sure that you read the manual before starting to use it.

Too much usage and wrong cleaning technique

Non-stick cookware is for certain users and not for every kind of cooking. Don’t perform all the forms of cooking in the non-stick cookware. A non-stick pan has its limitations. You can use it for frying eggs, vegetables and food items and substances that are prone to stick to the pan. Non-stick pans are specified for that. Don’t do all sorts of cooking tasks. Otherwise, you might damage your non-stick pan too early.

A wrong washing technique can worsen the condition of your non-stick pan. A non-stick requires mild cleaning with plain water or mild detergent. If you use steel wool or metal scrubbers and scrub the surface of the pan too hard, it will get damaged soon.

Heating too much

You can’t overheat the non-stick pan. That can also damage the surface of the pan and ruin the non-stick feature. If you’re pouring oil into the pan and the oil is getting smoky, the oven is too hot. Always make sure that the pan is getting a moderate heat. Too much heat can spoil the non-sticky nature of the pan quickly.

These are the mistakes that you must avoid while using a non-stick pan. Remember these points and avoid these to get a long-life of your non-stick pan.