The ultimate guide to choose a steam iron

Ironing can be a difficult task in a hectic schedule. But, using a hot iron makes this process very easy. It efficiently makes the rumpled garments crisp and polished. Using a steam iron is time-saving and safer than normal ironing. The heat produced by steam iron is suitable to iron any fabric. If you are planning to buy the best steam iron then here are the things you need to consider.

The pros of using steam iron

  • Safety is the main priority for investing in the steam iron. The steam iron comes with plenty of safety features to prevent accidents. The automatic shut-off feature disables the power if there is no motion sensed near the appliance. Also, the normal iron box can cause accidental burns. But, you can be less cautious around the steam iron as the appliance handling is very safe.
  • Convenience is yet another great advantage of using a steam iron. You can iron any thick cloth such as curtains and bedspreads by taking the appliance near it. Also, the vertical ironing helps to steam any cloth without any disturbances.
  • The steam iron appliance is more powerful and effective than the normal iron box. There are several options for mild and power steam ironing. These options help you to iron thick cloth in powerful steam for a crisp and wrinkle-free result.

There are more benefits of using a steam iron. You can consider these benefits and choose the best steam iron.

The important features of steam iron

These are the standard features to consider when buying a steam iron.

The auto shut off mode.

The automatic feature is available in all the steam irons. However, the auto shut off mode can be found in new models. If there is no sensed motion for 10 minutes, then the appliance will automatically shut down to prevent damages. Also, this feature helps to prevent fire accidents.

The temperature controls

This control enables ease of use. All the fabric settings are visible on the front for convenience. You can adjust the fabric setting according to the material you are ironing. Also, there is an indicator light to show that the appliance is “On”.


The steam irons are designed with self-cleaning technologies to clean the dirt automatically. This feature eliminates the mineral dirt in the steamer. Also, the self-cleaning and maintenance technology extends the lifespan of the appliance.

The Soleplate

Soleplates prevent sticking and snagging of the fabric. The non-stick soleplates are smooth and sleek. With each model, the soleplates can differ. Steam irons with stainless steel are highly preferred. Also, platinum soleplates come with a non-stick plate and scratch-resistant feature.

The Steaming types

The variable steam is a method to adjust the steaming level. Also, this type of iron steaming helps to control the temperature to iron any fabric. The vertical steaming methods blast the steam. So, you can iron curtains or any other fabric vertically.


Steam iron is an essential appliance for households. The best steam iron will contain the above features. By thinking about the steam irons benefits, you can buy a brand new steam iron with great features.