The elegant Gatsby headpieces for you to wear

The Gatsby headpieces were one of the major fashion statements flaunted by many women of that era. But today also many women still wear headpieces to create a sensation in the parties they are invited to. You can also wear the Gatsby headpieces for special occasions. Here are some of the models that are available for you to follow.

  • The wrap model headpiece

This model of the headpiece is a simple yet elegant headpiece. The head wraps were matched with the glamorous gowns the women wore and were also used as a symbol of social status. They were created with beads, rhinestones, and other shiny materials to make it seem surreal. The women used the headpiece as a crown and wore it to parties. The headpieces also made the hairstyle look prominent. Some of the headpieces also had strings of beads dangling off of the forehead. Sometimes a bow was tied around the head for formal events.

  • The head binder headpiece

The head binder gloriously encircles the head, mainly the forehead or the back. Teenagers mostly wore this piece of a fashionable accessory. This headpiece also matched the expensive dress the women used to wear. It ranged from one inch of the ribbons to the thick wraps. They were also worn as a turban around the head for a more elaborate look. Women wore this headpiece for parties and weddings. The head binder was designed with stones and beads. Sometimes the women to show off their status added plenty of silver and gemstones in the headpiece that glittered in the candle lights.

  • The skullcap

The skullcap Gatsby’s headpiece is one of the symbols of the 1920s era. It is sometimes termed as the Juliet cap. This type of cap is beaded and very thin. The women who wore this cap had their hair short. The headpiece is in the form of the net that wraps around the head like a cap. It was as usual beaded and glittery. These caps were very expensive, that is why only the rich women were able to afford it. The alternative wear for this cap is the headscarf or the cap.

  • The queen tiara

This type of Gatsby’s headpiece is a timeless fashion statement. Women in 1920 parties wore the small and glittering tiaras. The hair of the women was fluffy and small, and so the tiaras were able to complement their hairstyle perfectly.

  • The hairclips

Many women wore the peacock feathers or the feathers of some exotic birds as the headpiece. The feathers were neatly clipped into the hair on one side of the head. The hair clips as combs were also inserted in the hair for adorning the hair. These style statements, too, became a fashionable affair in the Gatsby age. There are many vintage styled clips also available for the ladies who want to turn the heads in a room.

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These are the amazing Gatsby headpieces available for you to try. Transport to the jolly age and get lost in its bling.