Is it Safe to Clean a Trimmer with Water?

A trimmer is one of the most popular grooming accessories for men. Different kinds of beard trimmers are available, depending upon your skin and beard type. You can always consider trimmers of various brands, and make a list to finalize one. A decent quality trimmer can give you a clean shave within minutes. You can also choose to trim and shape your beards with trimmer add on accessories. However, people often ask the question about the durability of the trimmer. It depends on the way you handle and care for your trimmer. The more you maintain it, the longer it will last. Not only it assigns a longer life to your trimmer instead, but it also keeps you safe while trimming. The risk of minor cuts and injury rate decreases when you keep your trimmer clean. However, how to wash the trimmer efficiently is one of the most frequently asked questions. People find it effortless to clean it with water. Thus, it is considered one of the most convenient ways to wash with water.

Let us look at some points to clean your doubt, whether you can cleanse a trimmer with water or not!


1. Everyone should know this:

To clean your beard trimmer with water, check for the following symbols. It will assure you about the waterproof nature of your trimmer that makes it entirely safe to rinse with water:

  • Tap symbol:

The tap symbol on the trimmer will suggest that the trimmer parts like,  blade, combs, and cutter can be cleaned with water. Detach these parts and clean them gently. However, make sure you do not use this trimmer in the shower. Look for the next symbol for that purpose.

  • Shower/bath symbol:

The shower or bath symbol on the trimmer is a clear cut indication that the trimmer is entirely waterproof. You can use it under running water/shower. Most often, these kinds of trimmers are cordless. Otherwise, you are at risk of electric shock.

Avoid cleaning your trimmer with water if you see the next symbol in the packaging or the product.

  • Cross out tap logo:

It will suggest that the trimmer is not waterproof. Thus, using it in a shower or bath/ cleaning it with water can damage its internal parts. It will lead to deterioration in the functioning of the trimmer.

2. Here are some easy steps of cleaning:

If you have a waterproof trimmer, follow these simple steps to clean the trimmer:

  • Dry brushing:

Take a dry toothbrush or cleaning brush that comes with the trimmer set to brush off extra hairs stuck on the blades. Once you remove the hair mess on the blade, jump to the next point.

  • Cleaning the blades:

Allow the water to pour on the shaver head. Rub soap on it and turn on the trimmer. It will ensure proper cleaning of all the parts.

  • Ready to shave:

Rinse it with water again, and you are all set to use!


We hope that you have understood the above-mentioned points. Thanks for reading!