How to Maintain and Clean Kitchen Chimney Properly

Cleaning the chimney in your kitchen by yourself at your home is a difficult task. When you cook, most of the oil and smoke will get stuck in the filters, and it will be even harder to clean the chimney. The smoke and steam made when cooking makes the filters in the chimney greasy and sticky. The chimney has to be cleaned twice or once a month. Then only it will stay good for a longer time. Here are some of the ways to maintain and clean the kitchen chimney in India properly.

How to clean the mesh and filters?

To tidy up the kitchen filters, you have to remove the filters from the hood. The filters are sheets of aluminum. You can clean it in many ways. If you use chemicals, soap or detergents, then it can discolor the mesh. So it is always good to clean the filter naturally.

  • Cleaning chimney with the dishwashing liquid

First, try to apply some dishwashing liquid to clean the filter. Take some warm boiling water in a tub and then immerse the filter to tidy it. Now leave the filter in the water for one or two hours. Make sure if the filters are fully covered with water. You can also boil the contents if you have a steel container. Boiling will effectively help to do away with hard grime and dirt in the filter. After removing the scrub, you can use the scrub to take away the dirt.

  • Cleaning chimney using baking soda

This process requires baking soda, vinegar, and salt. You can put the filters in the tub and add boiling water. Now put two to three spoons of baking soda, the same amount of salt, and two cups of vinegar. Let the filter soak in this mixture for one or two hours. For better results, you can boil it.

  • Cleaning chimney using paint thinners

The paint thinner cleaning is also a good method. This will make the tough grime and oil varnish. If you do not have paint thinner, you can also use nail polish remover. This is one of the quick options to clean the chimney. Just immerse a small piece of cloth in the thinner and clean the filter. After the clean-up, wash it with water.

  • Cleaning chimney with caustic soda

This is the same as the above method. You have to take a tub or tray. Put in some caustic soda on the contents in the tray and now put hot boiling water in it. There will be composite fumes, so do not stand so close to it. Leave it for three to four hours. You have to ensure if you are wearing gloves while taking the filters from the water. Now wash the filters with clean water and leave it to dry. This is an effective method to clean the chimney filters, but you have to be careful while dealing with caustic soda. Please do not touch the soda with bare hands as it could cause chemical burns.

These are the best methods to maintain and clean kitchen chimneys.