How to Help Your Child Use a Nebulizer

Diseases like asthma and epiglottitis make you suffer a lot, and when these happen to a kid, it hurts much more. The development of medical sciences has turned into bliss for several patients with critical illnesses. Nowadays, we have treatments of such chronic respiratory diseases too. Inhaler and nebulizer are some to name among them. Especially, nebulizers are highly essential while treating serious respiratory congestion or other issues.

The function of a nebulizer is to transform the liquid version of medicine into the gaseous version. The user has to inhale the gaseous version of the medicine. Breathing in medicine works more quickly and efficiently on the respiratory system.

Adults do good with the nebulizers. They get accustomed to the regular use of nebulizers, and to some extent, nebulizers give them relief from the trouble. The problems happen with the kids. Your newborn child cannot properly take the nebulizer. Every day, a large number of children come into the world with asthma as a hereditary disease. The newborn kids have no sense, and they can’t properly inhale the medicine through the nebulizers. Always ask your doctor for any advice and choose a good nebulizer for your kids.


If you have a child with such serious respiratory ailment, you know the trouble. Making your kid sit for 15-20 minutes to take a gaseous form of medicine through a nebulizer is hard. Here is some effective step which you can follow to help your kid in using the nebulizer.

How can you help your kid to use the nebulizer

  • Set an exact time for the operation. Create a mindset in your child that he has to take the nebulizer in that exact time every day. Eventually, it will be a habit and a kind of reflex action for him.
  • Try to divert his mind towards other things while he’s using the device. That will help your kid to inhale the medicine unconsciously. Also, your kid will not understand that much pain or difficulty.
  • You and your kid can watch an infant movie to keep him entertained. Make sure you aren’t letting him understand the trouble.
  • It is better if your child sits in a high chair. Otherwise, you can’t take your child into your lap while he is taking the gaseous medicine. It will get more comfortable for him if you do so.
  • Some babies are not quiet, and they make uncertain movements when using a nebulizer. In the case of such babies, the parents should try to schedule the nebulizer-session during the kid’s sleeping time.
  • Some children get afraid because of the mask of the nebulizer. If your baby is the same, try to do some designs and interesting arts on the mask. That will be helpful to remove the fear of the kid.
  • Always appreciate and praise your child while he is putting on the mask. Encourage him through the whole process. That will help the kid to overcome the fear.

These are steps that can help you to support your kid to use the nebulizer. Be patient, calm, and supportive with your kid and make your kid feel safe.