How to Clean and Season a Cast Iron Skillet?

To sauté, pan-fry, or roast some food things to be crispy, you need a good cast iron skillet. With this cast iron skillet, you can carry out many cooking tasks easily. People use this cast iron skillet for various reasons such as broiling, roasting, searing, baking, sautéing, and many more cooking techniques. When you season the cast iron skillet to a good extent, the better the flavor, you enjoy having in your cooked food items. In this article, we will see how to season and care for the cast iron skillet in the best way to get the flavorful food and to extend the life of cast iron skillet.

Cleaning the Cast Iron Skillet:

When you use the cast-iron skillet for a longer time, it will become blacker soon. Now, we will discuss how to clean and maintain the cast iron skillet in good condition.

Use Rust Eraser – Sometimes your cast iron skillet gets rust stains on it, to get rid of such stains use a handy rust eraser to remove them. You will get it from hardware stores, bike shops, etc.

Use Plastic Scrubber – When you are cleaning the skillet under running water, use a plastic scrubber or stiff plastic brush to clean it. A good scrubbing agent like kosher salt can also be used to clean the skillet.

Dry Cleaning – Wash the skillet using dishwasher and stiff bristle brush. Now, after washing the skillet, keep it on the stove and burn for 30 seconds to evaporate the water on it. Once the skillet is dry, you can turn off the heat and use a few drops of the vegetable oil to rub on the skillet with the help of a clean paper towel. When the skillet becomes cool, you can use a paper towel to absorb the moisture on it.

Seasoning the Cast Iron Skillet:

To season the cast iron skillet, you require certain things such as dish soap, sponge or stiff brush, dry cloths or paper towels, vegetable oil, aluminum foil, etc. Here we will see how to season the cast iron skillet.

Washing the Skillet – Preheat the microwave oven to 350 Fahrenheit and wash the skillet using warm, soapy water and a stiff brush. After washing, dry the skillet for some time or use paper towels to clean it.

Adding Oil – Now use a few drops of vegetable oil over the skillet and rub them all over the skillet evenly. For rubbing use a clean cloth or paper towel. It is not only on the skillet, but also you need to rub the outer and bottom surface of the skillet. Ensure that you apply a thin coat of oil all over the entire skillet.

Baking the Skillet – Now, take the skillet and place it inside the oven facing upside down over the center’s rack. Take an aluminum foil and place it below the rack and allow for baking an hour.

Cooling the Skillet – Now you can turn off the oven and don’t take it suddenly, let it get cool for some time. Once it is cooled down, you can use the skillet for cooking.