How To Choose The Best Safety Shoes

For optimum protection in the workplace environment, it is mandatory to have safety shoes. They can protect the feet from dangers caused by extreme temperature, sharp objects, and drop hazards. There is no such thing as one type for all in safety shoes. You need to research and find the right one that suits your needs.

This article will help you to find the right one by helping you to consider the work environment and the safety category that is necessary for you.

Different work environments

  • For the aviation industry

People working in the industry of aviation will regularly deal with intricate components and bulk machinery. The outsole of the safety shoes is oil resistant which enables the worker to freely walk and handle the machinery.

  • For the mining industry

To keep the feet of miners safe, it is advisable to go for sturdy safety shoes. These are specifically designed for heavy-duty use. They are also ideal for walking long distances.

  • For the construction industry

The shoes contain nubuck leather in the upper lining. They come with an outer sole that is heat resistant and this material can absorb energy. Because they can resist heat, they are suitable for hot and humid weather conditions. Also, the upper part of the safety shoes has water resistance.

  • For the petroleum industry

Here, slip and oil resistance are the 2 major things the worker should consider before buying safety shoes.

  • For the chemical industry

People who work in chemical plants and labs are in need to use specific shoes. They should be able to prevent penetration of liquids and harmful dust present there.

  • For the transportation industry

Since workers in the logistics industry move a lot, safety shoes with the anti-slip feature is a good choice. They come with PU anti-slip with soles resistant to oils.

  • For the power industry

For people in this industry, it is best to go for lightweight shoes which have PU sole.

  • For the food industry

Safety shoes with PVC casting are ideal for food manufacturing factories. They are antibacterial with resistance to oil and water.

Different safety categories

  • Metatarsal shoes

The main purpose of designing such a shoe is to protect the upper part of the feet. They can minimize the risk of accidents caused by drop hazards. This type can give both internal and external protection to the whole feet. They are generally preferred for work where lifting heavy equipment is involved like construction sites.

  • Electric hazard shoes

They are more suitable for people who handle wiring and circuits. The sole of the safety shoes are distinct which can reduce the risk of electric shocks.

  • Metal instep safety shoes

They are for protecting your feet from sharp objects and outward injuries. They can stop the penetration of harmful objects like nails and glass pieces. Workers in glassware manufacturing unit or heavy machinery can opt this type.

The bottom line

Choosing the best safety shoes for you is more of a personal choice because of your situation and needs to decide it. So, research and assess what to look for before you invest in a good pair of safety shoes.