How to Choose Best patio umbrella

Patio umbrellas are one of the essential accessories that are useful on beach vacations. This huge umbrella can protect you and your family from harsh sun rays. Sun exposure can have damaging effects on your eyes and body. So, choose the best patio umbrella when you go on vacations. Now in this article, you can see how to choose the best patio umbrella.

Features to consider

The size

The amount of shade you need determines the size of the patio umbrella. When you want a patio umbrella for the lounge area, play area or for beach vacations, choose a one that covers much space. One important thing to remember is one large umbrella can protect many individuals from the sun rays. The right size patio umbrella is 7 to 9 feet tall. There is also a patio table available for patio umbrellas. The umbrella can be placed on the table for the best sun protection experience.


Its sturdy base determines the durability of a patio umbrella. Without a sturdy base, you may not be able to use the umbrella. The free-standing patio umbrella needs heavy bases to support them. You might consider buying a strong base for extra support. If you want to buy the right weight base, then you can check out the weight chart available in the shops. Fifty-pound weight is considered as the minimum weight of the base.


The plastic or lightweight patio umbrellas can easily wear out. The outdoor patio umbrella should be made from good quality material to survive heavy rain. If the shade’s fabric is not durable, then the umbrella may fade easily. It is best to choose a water-resistant patio umbrella, UV protection, good quality shade. Polyester material umbrellas are more affordable than others.


The patio umbrella is designed in a way to survive any weather. Choose a patio umbrella that can survive heavy rain, extreme wind and harsh sun. Look for a patio umbrella that works for your climate. An aluminium frame is suitable for harsh climatic conditions. The steel frames are sturdy, affordable and can survive any climate.


Patio umbrellas are designed for pools, restaurants, the lounge areas and more. However, you can even choose a patio umbrella that is suitable for your outdoor dining table. Market umbrellas are suitable for seating, play area and lounges. The offset umbrella is used for shading and dining purposes. There are also several offset umbrellas available for events, weddings and festivals.

The light

Many times patio umbrellas are closed after the sunset. But, when your umbrellas come with fixed lights, it is convenient to use them at night. Modern-day patio umbrellas come with the solar feature. On the day these umbrellas absorb the solar energy and at nights they can make your dinner time special by illuminating lights.


Patio umbrellas are designed for outdoor conditions. So, they can become dirty very easily. It is best to choose a patio umbrella that is easy to clean. Some patio umbrella fabric is stain resistant. Therefore, choose a material that helps you to wipe off dirt easily.


By considering the above features, you can buy the best patio umbrella. These umbrellas can make your outdoor events shady and fun.