How to choose a Meat Injector

The meat injector is excellent equipment to increase the flavor and moisture in the meat. The meat injectors look like a huge syringe that is used to inject marinade, sauces, or brine into the meat before it is cooked. Usually, when marinating, you let the meat soak in the marinade for hours, but it only soaks in some places. However, with injecting, the flavor gets deep into the meat and increases the moisture. Thus, when the meat is cooked, you can enjoy a flavor full and juicy meat. If you are looking for a meat injector, then you can look for the following features. This article will help you to choose the right meat injector.

  • Capacity

Several types of meat injectors come with different capacities. The capacity of the injectors starts from 30 ml, and this injector is used for small pieces of meat that need a few streaks of flavor. Moreover, many prefer the 60 ml injector that can inject a reasonable piece of chicken or turkey with just two refills. The 120 ml needle is the largest syringe available in the market. This injector comes with a needle that is attached to a bottle. This injector is suitable for a large volume of meat and used in commercial places.


  • Plastic

The common meat injectors are metal and plastic. The plastic meat injector is available at economical prices. This injector is suitable for small cuts of meat. However, the plastic injectors are not very durable as the plastic barrel easily splits due to more pressure of injection. Further, with repeated use, the plastic injector easily perishes, and they are also very small

  • Metal

Many customers mostly prefer metal meat injectors. As the metal injectors are made from stainless steel that is a sturdy and durable material. However, you need to be careful as some metal injectors are chrome plated brass or aluminum. These materials are not good for health, and they do not last long. Therefore, choose a metal meat injector that is 100 % stainless steel.


The meat injectors come with a narrow needle that straightly injects the meat with flavors. The plastic meat injector comes with a single narrow needle. However, the metal injector comes with a double-needle. One needle is used only to inject liquids, and the other needle is used to inject thick marinades. The needles are not only helpful to inject marinades, but you can inject chocolate or jam into doughnuts. Try to get a needle that is sharp and pointy as they help to pierce into the meat deeply.

Extra features

  • When purchasing a meat injector, ensure that it comes with essential spare parts. Needles or o- rings of the injector may wear out so look for a shop that sells you meat injector with necessary accessories.
  • Some of the manufacturers sell e-books or recipe books along with the injectors. To enjoy added benefits, get these along with the injector.
  • Make sure you also get the cleaning brushes and other cleaning equipment along with the meat injector.
  • When purchasing a meat injector, make sure that it comes with a warranty policy.

By considering the above features choose the right meat injector.