How to Choose a Good Quality Bluetooth Speaker

Every year, several companies sell Bluetooth Speakers in various designs and features. Selecting all these choices could be a tough task. When purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, one has specific points in mind before purchase.

Best of the features of a Bluetooth Speaker to look for:

  • Knowledge of specifications
  • Battery life
  • Resistance to water
  • Sound Quality
  • Frequency response
  • Version of Bluetooth
  • Design
  • Portability
  • Connectivity
  • Affordability

Let’s take a look at each feature closely:

Knowledge of specifications-One may not make specifications as their foundation for purchase. However, it’s a good start. This becomes particularly essential when there is no field test for the speaker.

Battery life- With portability, a couple of things are crucial than figures associated with battery life. A Bluetooth speaker essentially needs to keep the sound and music coming. It’s quite frustrating to have a speaker that one takes out, and it dies out only within a couple of hours. On average, the majority of Bluetooth speakers last around six to ten hours, while some claim to last one day. For starters, battery life over 10 hours can be considered worth a purchase.

Resistance to Water– For practical purposes, a water-resistant speaker should be considered. This way, you need not bother enough whether it is used near an ocean or a pool or in changing weather or a drink spill or a moist atmosphere. These parameters will not harm the speaker.

Quality of Sound– Sound is an essential element for a Bluetooth speaker. Do not purchase a speaker that has a terrible speaker and sound specs. Purchase a speaker that provides a measurable bass and a stereo sound. There are a decent bass and a subwoofer for several speakers.

Frequency response– Wider frequency range offers a better audio response, and it can also vary from one individual to another, which is also called the listening angle.

A version of Bluetooth- Ideally, Bluetooth 4 is better as it assists low energy profile. This implies it provides better life of the battery and can be utilized for around 60m. The latest standard is Bluetooth 5. This enhances data transmission range and rate.

Design and Portability– Several speakers are bulky and ugly. A nice Bluetooth speaker is both well designed as well as portable. It is preferable to be an attractive and lightweight design that makes sure that it can be conveniently carried and portable.

Connectivity-It is best to check for Aux-In connector, apart from a wireless connection. It comes in handy when one wishes to save a little battery on their speaker or phone.

Affordability-A Bluetooth speaker need not cost a fortune. A quality speaker and a reasonably priced speaker are certainly possible. A well designed, long battery life, and quality sound can come at an affordable price for a Bluetooth speaker.

Getting the best Bluetooth speaker on hand can get difficult, but keeping the above features in mind, lookout for a quality speaker without compromising. Explore the various choices available in the market, filter the best, and then purchase the right one for yourself to use it often.