How to change a drill bit on a cordless drill?

The bits are the most important part of any kind of drill. You can make use of the drill in various ways by changing the bits. With one kind of a bit, it is not possible to make drills in all types of the materials, like for instance, you can’t make a hole with the same bit on walls, in pipes, in woods, in metals or any other such items. You need to change the bit accordingly.

Method of changing the bit in a cordless drillĀ 

There are a few ways in which you can change the bit in the top rated cordless drills. Two of the most common and easy methods are mentioned below.

  • One way in which you can change the bit in any cordless drill is simply using the keyless drill and changing the bits on it. The steps are as follows.
  • In the first step you need to loosen the chuck that is present at the end of the drill near its mouth. You need to hold the chucks with your hands and twist them in the clockwise direction to loosen it. You can also pull the trigger gently for loosening the drills.
  • In the next step you need to remove the bit that was inserted previously. Since you already have loosened the chuck it would not be very difficult for you to remove the bit. This is a very simple step that you need to follow.
  • In the next step you just need to put or set a suitable bit inside the chuck. This step needs to be done with some precautions and be careful while inserting the new bit and do this step quickly. Also, never forget to check the proper fitting of the bit. do not forget to check : Brushless Vs Brushed Motor
  • In the final step you need to tighten the bit properly so, that of doesn’t come out. You need to give small squeezes and then adjust the drill bit properly.
  • You can also change the bit of the drill by using a chuck key. The steps for changing the bits by this method is mentioned below.
  • In the first step you need to insert the chuck key inside the chuck so that the chuck gets loose so that the bit comes out easily.
  • Then twist the chuck key in the clockwise direction. This will help you to lose the chuck and so that it opens and the drills bit can be removed.
  • Then simply remove the bit using your index finger and thumb. And then put the new bit that you need. It is a simple and easy step, but still, you need to be careful while performing this step.
  • Then in the final step all you need to do is to tighten the chuck so that the bits don’t fall while using the drill.

You can follow either of the two ways to change the bit of the cordless drills. However, the chuck keys are mostly present in the power drills and less in the cordless drills so the first method is perfectly suited for the changing of bit in the cordless drills.