Hearing Aid Battery Sizes and Types Explained

The hearing aid batteries offer power to the hearing aids. Here is the important information you can know about the hearing aid batteries.

The two types of hearing aids

  • Rechargeable batteries

Many of the modern hearing aids have rechargeable batteries. These types of batteries are charged at night time when not in use. There are many kinds of it now available in the market and offers great benefits to the hearing aid wearer.

  • The disposable batteries

The zinc-air disposable batteries, also termed as button batteries, are the common type of choice. The batteries are air-activated. There is a factory-sealed sticker that permits it to be inactive until it is taken off. If it is peeled from the back of the battery, the oxygen will mix with the zinc contained in the battery and make it active. To attain the best performance from these types of batteries, the wearer has to wait for one minute after the removal of the sticker to activate it fully. So if the sticker is removed, the battery will be able to be active till the drainage of power.

The zinc-air batteries can stay and work for three years when it is stored in the room temperature. It should not be stored in the refrigerator because it will not provide any benefits.

The sizes of the batteries

The hearing aids are available in many different sizes and also styles. It also has different power requirements. The people with more hearing needs require more powered hearing aids with large batteries. There are five sizes of hearing aid batteries. 5, 10, 312, 13, and 675 are the sizes from small to large. The size of five hearing aids is a type that is used rarely.

The Color codes for hearing aid batteries

The size differences will be difficult to identify and so the packaging of the batteries is having a set of colour codes for convenient purchase.

  • Size 675 batteries – blue
  • Size 312 batteries – brown
  • Size 13 batteries – orange
  • Size 10 batteries – yellow

The life of the hearing aid batteries

The non-rechargeable kind of batteries can last for five to fourteen days. This depends on the size of the battery as well as the power requirement. The small batteries have short battery life.

The lifespan of the battery on average is-

  • Size 675 – nine to 20 days
  • Size 312 – three to 10 days
  • Size 10 – three to seven days
  • Size 13 – six to 14 days

How to extend the life of the hearing aid battery?

  • The wearers can turn the hearing aid off when they are not using it. The battery compartment door can also be open at night. This will help in not wasting the battery and will also allow the moisture to build up to evaporate.
  • Store the batteries in room temperature. The humid environment can harm the life of the battery.
  • Do not carry the hearing aids in loose pockets.

These are some important points of types of hearing aids.