Factors to consider while choosing the A.P. book

A.P. stands for Advanced placements. As you might be aware, it is an exam or a college-level test that is administered to high school students. It is a test that is administered by the College Board of the U.S. to the students who are willing to participate in the exams from the American, Canadian, and other international educational institutions. It is a test that is primarily meant to assess if the standard of the students who are completing higher secondary education is on par with what is expected at the college level. Like all other competitive exams, it is indeed tough and requires a fair amount of preparation to crack it.

 Why should you take up A.P.?

 It is important to take up A.P. tests because

  • There are a number of colleges and universities in the U.S. that grant placements based on the A.P. test scores
  • AP courses lay the framework that helps students to prepare themselves for the college coursework

The tests are held in May, and there are multiple versions of this test for advanced placement that are administered for each advanced placement subject. It is estimated that there are about 38 different versions of exams in subjects which include math and computer science, science, arts, English, world languages and culture, and history and social science. The test usually consists of two parts. Part one consists of multiple-choice questions, while part two would be questions that are aimed at generating free responses.

AP- book- why is it essential?

AP book is a must-have if you are planning to take up the A.P. exam because it is a book that is developed based on the A.P. exams, and it serves as a fundamental guideline for preparing for the exam. The A.P. exam books can be accessed online as well as offline, and accessing e-books are also a possibility. Also, the A.P. books serve as additional learning material for preparing for the exam.

Factors you should consider

 The factors you should consider while buying A.P. books include

  • Awareness- You have got to be aware that there are various preparatory books in the market. You must also note that each one of them has their own set of fans and not so happy detractors. This would help you compare and contrast and get the best AP preparatory book for you. Research and read various reviews to get a fair idea about the various books in the market before you choose the preparatory book for you.
  • Buying more than one book- You may also consider buying more than one book to ensure that the material that is left out in the book is available in the book of a competitor. Similarly, the style in which the material is delivered also might be influential in enhancing your learning. Therefore, when you buy more than one book but of different publishers, you would be able to get the best book that would aid you in your preparation.
  • Understanding what you can expect- The A.P. book you wish to buy should be purchased only after you have taken cognizance of the fact that the book has all the practice tests that you might require, all the topics for the exam are covered in the book for A.P. subject preparation book. There is a detailed subject review that makes understanding the topic simpler. When you know what you should expect, you will make the right choice.

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