Does natural weed killer work

These days if you go anywhere online, you’re sure to find a blog or an article that reiterates about the natural weed killers. Natural weed killers quite rave currently in the market. There are quite a few remedies that are being thrown around that you can use from your cupboard to kill the toughest and the hardest of the weeds from your yard.

But the question remains, do they really work? And if they do then how? Well, we here will look into a natural weed killer and see if they really work or not.

What’s the fuss about natural weed killer?

The laws and garden of ours tend to get filled with weeds and grass. The grass tends to get died down but the weeds and more tend to stay on for long. Removing the weeds manually can be a cumbersome task as you need to go through every inch of the blade and then remove it one by one. It’s why people prefer using chemical or homemade weed killer to kill the weeds from the roots.

Natural weed killer tends to treat the weed and remove it without creating any harm to the plants and garden. It’s a good option to go for in place of the chemical ones.

Natural weed killer and its effectiveness

Natural weed maker is normally made out of vinegar, borax, and salt. Vinegar normally contains acetic acid so when you spray it on the weeds then the weeds can be killed for. But according to the research, vinegar only treats those parts of the plant which come into contact with vinegar. So if there are any perennial weeds, then those will return again. For using vinegar as a natural weed killer, you need to have a herbicidal vinegar rather than the one in the kitchen as the kitchen based vinegar doesn’t comply enough to be powerful for weed killing. Vinegar can also damage the soil as it is an acid and it can lower the pH balance of the soil.

People use salt and borax for weed killing and this technique has been used for a long time. Using salt and borax for long period of time may damage the soil more than offering the good. Borax cannot break down like the chemical-based weed killers and can affect the soil and make it barren. Salt also tends to destroy the delicate structure of the soil and can move around in the soil which may damage other plants in the soil of your garden.

Natural weed killer or commercial option?

The thing about the weed killer is that you can make it effective if you know how to use it. Many people still use the natural-based weed killer to pretty effective route. But if you want to keep the weed to die down and keep it at bay for six months to a year, then commercial based weed killer is the best option for you. Even if you go for a commercial option, you don’t have to buy gallons of it. Just buy a small can or bottle of it and you can use it to kill the weeds. Try out the natural and the commercial weed killer and you can find whichever suits you the best.