Buying guide to purchase best ice shaver machine

Ice shaving machine is a device which shaves solid ice blocks to form small ice particles such as snow or ice chips. The machine has a hopper to receive the ice, blade to shave the ice and a scraper to drive the ice across the blade to produce ice flakes. A spout delivers the ice shavings to the container. Ice shaving machines are used to make cold treats such as slushes, ice cones, frozen margaritas, etc.

The best ice shaver machine depends upon your requirements. However, there are some features that you must consider to land the best ice shaver machine in the market. Some of the features have been discussed here.

Texture of the ice

Ice shaving machines which can shave both ice cubes and blocks are suitable for home use. Ice blocks are not easy to find. They form light and fluffy particles when put in the ice shaving machines. Ice cubes, on the other hand, are easily available in stores and can also be made in the freezer and form hard and coarse ice particles when put in the shaver. Your requirements may vary, thus it is better to purchase a machine which works with both ice cubes and blocks.

Replaceable and adjustable blade

The best ice shaving machines have adjustable and replaceable blades. The blade should be adjustable to get the correct ice texture as per your need. If the blade cannot be adjusted, you end up with only one kind of texture. The blade should also be replaceable because after a period of time, the blade becomes blunt and requires sharpening. It may even need to be discarded. If the ice shaving machine does not have an adjustable blade, the whole machine would have to be discarded when the blade loses its sharpness.

Type of use

The purpose for which you require an ice shaving machine is an important factor to get the best ice shaving machine. If you need the machine to make snow cones and other cold treats for your family, then any good quality ice shaving machine of moderate capacity is suitable. But if you need an ice shaving machine for business purpose, then a commercial grade ice shaving machine designed for continuous operation with high capacity is required.


High speed ice shaving machines are best for people wanting to make a large number of ice shaves within a small duration of time. High speed is particularly useful when ice shaves are needed to make cold treats for a large number of people. For small families, ice shaver with any speed setting is suitable.


The best ice shaving machines for home use are the ones made of high-grade BPA free plastic. In case of commercial use, ice shavers made of stainless steel or aluminum are the best options. The blades made of stainless steel are the best because they are durable and last long.

Storage and portability

The best ice shaving machines are compact in size for easy storage when not in use. They are also light in weight and can be carried easily on travels.