Best performing golf range finders

Golf is an exciting game and is both a recreational as well as a game that is played at a professional level. You have golf tournaments that are played in many countries across the world. The golf rangefinder is one of the important tools used by the golfer. It helps you determine how far away you are from the pin.

Some of the best golf rangefinders that you can access from the market include:

 Bushnell phantom golf GPS

This device is easy to use. It offers a fair idea of the yardages to the front, centre, four hazard distances per hole and back. The device is wearable and quite handy as well with magnetic mount and clip holder which makes it possible for attaching on metal surfaces of the cart or even carry it on you by clipping it on to the belt. The endearing features include auto course recognition, hole advance functions, 36,000 preloaded courses, and built-in Bluetooth that allows for updates during the round. The price is also reasonable at about $130.

Precision Pro NX7

 This is a features loaded device that is priced at about $219, which is quite reasonable considering the benefits it can offer. It is a compactly designed device that is accurate to plus or minus 1 yard. It locks on to your target without much trouble as well. It is endowed with pulsing vibration that confirms that you have hit the target.

Bushnell Pro XE

It is an expensive range finder priced at $550. However, it is loaded with a lot of special features that include slope features, 7X magnification, and facilities to log on to the target. The slope function that this device is endowed with actually takes account of the elevation changes while letting you know about the yardage. this bushnell golf range finder also takes into account the temperature and barometric pressure then.

Garmin Approach S60

This is a watch that is endowed with functions of a range finder. It is endowed with a colour touchscreen that is about 1.2 inches. The price of this device is $400.Though it is a watch type model. They have been designed to offer you about 10 hours of on-course battery life. An auto shot function that detects shots along the fairway and logs them for post-round analysis is an additional feature you would love to have.

FlightScope Mevo Portable

Priced at a luxury price of $500, it is indeed packed with a lot of attractive features that make them cost-effective. They record a lot of pertinent data which includes distance, club speed, apex height, etc. All these data go to your smartphone directly from your device, making it possible for real-time analysis of the same. It also helps you get a fair idea of where your swing is when you are about to hit the course.

Certain questions you should ask yourself before you make your choice include

  • What is your budget?
  • What are you concerned about the most- the price or the features?

This would help you choose the rangefinder that is apt for your use without feeling guilty of overspending on a range finder.