Best options of ceiling fans for under 2000

There are many reliable brands of ceiling fans which have earned the reputation of making high-quality ceiling fans which last for many years. The competition among all the brands to provide advanced ceiling fans at affordable rates to the customers has led to a huge range of ceiling fans priced at below 2000 rupees. Anyone looking for a Ceiling Fan Under 2000 can easily select among models manufactured by the market leaders in this segment.

Have a look at some of the best options of ceiling fans for people with budgets below 2000 rupees.

Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan 

Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan has a blade sweep of 1200 mm. Air delivery rate of the fan is 205 CMM. The high torque motor provides a quick start to the fan and also brings it to its maximum performance swiftly. Power consumed by the fan is just 56 W which leads to lower energy bills. Double ball bearing makes the fan highly durable and also increases the load-bearing capacity. The ribbed design of the blades prevents the accumulation of dust and makes cleaning easier. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years.

Hindware Stunner Ceiling Fan 

Hindware Stunner runs on a copper motor having a power rating of 75 W. Thus, it is an energy-efficient fan. Dust particles do not stick to the blades of this fan because they are hard coated using anti-dust paint which repels dust. The double ball bearing of the motor makes it noiseless and highly durable. The aerodynamically designed blades provide airflow at the rate of 205 CMM. The blade sweep is 1200 mm. The warranty period for this fan is 2 years.

Crompton Super Briz Deco Ceiling Fan 

Crompton Super Briz Deco has 48 inches blades which rotate at a speed of 400 RPM. The blades are powder coated, which makes them resistant against corrosion. The power consumed by the motor is 70 W. The motor features a double sealed ball bearing which makes it highly durable. Decorative trims are present on both the motor and the blades. The aesthetically appealing fan comes in many colours such as smoked brown, plain white, brick white and plain brown. Warranty of 2 years is offered on the fan.

Orient Ujala Ceiling Fan 

Orient Ujala is an energy-efficient ceiling fan with a power rating of just 50 W. Energy consumed is 35% less as compared to other fans. The top speed of the fan is 360 RPM while the air delivery rate is 220 CMM. The aluminium blades have a sweep of 1200 mm. The motor has double ball bearings which make the fan almost silent during operation. The warranty offered on this fan is valid for 2 years.

Usha New Trump Ceiling Fan 

Usha New Trump has high lift angle blades which distribute the air in a wide area throughout the room. Electric steel lamination makes the fan highly durable. Power consumed by the fan is just 78 W which makes it perform well even at low voltage. The top speed is 380 RPM, while the air delivery rate is 225 CMM.