Are sandals good for hiking?

Adventurous sports are one of the biggest heart-pumpers for most of the youth and millennials. Hiking is one such sport that makes a lot of people flock towards it due to the thrill and excitement. But, is wearing a sandal and going hiking just the best way to proceed? It is a discussion to ponder upon since, hiking, being such an adventurous sport and sandal being such casual footwear, will it be able to provide the required support to your feet. Let us see:

The answer in one word shall be ‘depends’. Yes, it actually depends upon your experience, the kind of travel as well as the kind of sandal. Though in rough patches the sandal shall work perfectly fine, yet in situations where sandals cannot support you, you would wish to wear the traditional footwear. With that being said, one seldom flips back to traditional hiking wears after settling with the sandals.

This is why you must give sandals a try while hiking:

  • Hiking means carrying a big bag of all the necessary items on your shoulders and walking long enough till you reach your destination. Are you looking for heavy footwear during all this time? This is where sandals score an important point due to its weight.
  • Secondly, no more worries about the sagging and smell of the shoes once they come in contact with the water. Sandals during hiking help you to cross the river seamlessly, without being worried about the repercussions.n ‘
  • Foot blisters can be very painful due to the long and untiring stretches of walking. Is there any potential alternative for the same? Yes! Hiking using the sandals can reduce the pain of walking with the blisters as they make sure that your feet don’t have any blisters.

Though there are certain disadvantages of using the sandals for hiking, it is a complete trade-off and a personal choice. If you are looking to make that bargain, such disadvantages will not matter much to you. Looking at some of the important disadvantages might help you make an informed decision:

  • Cold chilling wind on the feet can often lead to frozen feet. It might stop you from hiking further, thus, a sandal might not be the best option under such scenarios.
  • Carrying a large bag on your shoulder needs enough support from the feet which needs to be leveraged to give you the potential to carry the bags. With that being said, proper support can only be provided by the hiking shoes, which are not present in the sandals
  • Often the rough gravels and undulating surface can cause problems while using the sandal. Therefore it is often recommended to use the traditional footwear for the hiking purpose.

With all these point in your mind, you must be wondering which one could be the best hiking sandal that you must carry before it becomes too late. You can search for the best sandals for hiking here before it gets too late! Hurry up and give your trip a funky feel!