5 Ultimate Tips to Select the Best Water Purifier

Are you planning to buy a water purifier? There are hundreds of water purifiers available in the market. Water pollution has created the necessity of water purifiers at every home. Previously, we were boiling the water for drinking. But nowadays, the water is getting contaminated due to the factory wastages and litter disposals. The groundwater also contains unwanted minerals that cannot be consumed directly. For drinking water, TDS must be <500 ppm. TDS is the total dissolved solids that are present in water. Generally, the tap water contains TDS from 1000-3000 ppm. Water consists of high TDS changes the taste of water and also causes health hazards. The water purifier is the best option to reduce the TDS level in the water.

This article helps you to select the best water purifier available in the market.

Types of purification technologies

Depending on the quality of water, there are various purification technologies. Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Ultra Filtration technologies, and Activated carbon filter are the most popular technologies used for purification. You can select the right purifier based on the hardness or softness of the water.

Reverse Osmosis: The RO purifier removes the salt deposits in the water. They also remove the presence of natural minerals in the water, which may cause mineral deficiency.

UV water purifiers: This is a simple and effective water purifier. The UV bulb inside the purifier kills bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms, but it cannot remove the dissolved salts in the water.

UF water purifiers: This is similar to the RO purifier, but it does not need a power supply to operate. It works effectively with public water supply.

Certified from 3rd party laboratories

Only a few branded water purifiers have the 3rd party certification. The 3rd party laboratories certify the performance of the water purifiers. Select the purifier which has been certified from the 3rd party laboratories.

Consider the Brand

There are various brands of water purifiers available in the market. Please select the best purifier from a reputed brand that can give proper customer service as they need regular maintenance for cleaning the filter.

Storage capacity

According to your needs, you must decide the storage capacity of the water purifier. If there are frequent power-downs in your area, then think of considering one with adequate storage capacity.

Purification Speed

Consider the speed of purification so that the purifier can perform smoothly and quickly.

Additional features

Look out for a few additional features such as automatic operation, fail-safety mechanism, and filter changing alarm. If you are located at a frequent power-down area, then you can choose for a UF water purifier, which is a non-electrical purifier.

Select the best water purifier with the reviews and ratings that are provided online. Keep in mind that the best water purifier must remove the dissolved and suspended impurities present in the water. Also, they must retain the minerals in the water. Therefore, select the best water purifier, which has additional features.