What Types of Rings you Should Choose for Your Wedding?

When it comes to weddings, wedding rings are one of the most important parts of the act. During the engagement ceremonies, the rings are exchanged between the bride and groom as they depict the promise for a lifelong relationship and commitment. As time passed, the demands for unique and new designs have also increased.

The rings are made from various metals like gold, silver, platinum, and others. Some of the most preferred rings are mentioned below.

rings for wedding

Plain gold rings:

These rings are the simplest of all ring types. They are just round with a broad design profile. These rings are mostly used by people who want it to be simple. Being a simple ring, it looks more classy and elegant.

White gold wedding rings:

White gold has become a great replacement for yellow rings. Bridal white gold rings are thin with a big diamond on the top and smaller diamonds embedded along the ring’s circumference. These rings are quite an attention grabbers as they are not common when it comes to the wedding.

Engraved wedding rings:

The demands for unique and new designs are never out of fashion. One of the recent trending designs is the name engraved wedding rings. They are simple yet among the most in demands rings as they have names engraves of the partner, which is s statement for the attachment between the partners.

Pink diamond wedding rings:

Girls are in love with pink colour. The pink diamonds are embedded mostly in white gold, as yellow gold can weaken the pink colour’s grace. They are pretty and very girly, which makes them a popular item.

Diamond gold wedding rings:

They are simple yet eye-catchy rings. In these rings, a simple yellow gold ring is mounted with a big diamond, which helps the diamond come out the best. This looks like an old fashioned ring but has never lost its place in terms of preference.

Rose gold diamond rings:

This is another type of girly ring. As the name suggests, the diamonds are embedded in the pink gold ring in various patters. The diamond and pink colour complement each other, which makes an immediate impact on the first look.

Matching wedding rings:

Matching wedding rings  with wedding jewellery at online stores are also one of the most preferred rings in recent times. These rings have incomplete design patters, which, when combined or matched with the partner’s ring, completes the design. The most simple example of these rings is heart shapes. Both the rings have half of the heart engraved, which, when combined, completes the heart. This defines the attachment and feelings between the couple.

There are numerous designs and patterns  of  rings available for all budgets and people. This has made it a vast sector to choose from and according to the demands of the people.