New Ways for Men to Dress Themselves

While women can take off a pair of diamond stud earrings with a huge chunky necklace and dangling bracelet sleeves, there are a few tips men should follow. For most of the general conditions you likely come across every day – such as the office, gym, or hanging out with friends – the less you have to do, the better. Too much Jewellery – especially in stunning form – can be ostentatious, distracting, and may look unprofessional.

There should be a way how to wear each one, when and where to wear it, and what styles to choose to look the best. General rule for men’s Jewellery that applies to all of the following categories: be sure to match metals. This means that the gold watch should match the color of the ring, the ornaments on the shoes, and the shade of the belt buckle. This is the key to mastering a complex appearance.

New ways for men to dress themselves

Different kinds of men’s jewellery

Bracelet- Men’s Jewellery is significantly different from women’s Jewellery. As for bracelets, avoid anything with charms or pendants, especially oversized, chunky styles. This Jewellery is an added accessory that should complement your outfit and not overwhelm it. Whether you’re in a tank or a suit, you can’t go wrong with a metal bracelet or a sturdy leather option in one strap or at most a double strap that will add a simple touch and just the right amount of edge to an otherwise plain outfit.

  • Earrings—Keep classic and basic style with this. A gold or silver chain that is thin and short is not too loud and will look effortless when paired with a simple tee. And while you can hide them under your shirt, we suggest keeping your necklaces to a minimum or wearing them in more subdued places.
  • Cufflinks—Cufflinks are designed to hold cuffs in place and are most often worn over French shirts with cuffs. That said the only time you should wear this Jewellery is on more exclusive occasions. While it can be an extravagant event that requires formal attire, the links are small and come in many styles that can express your style – even your personality. These styles are great for any feature related to family or friends, and if you’re in doubt as to whether to wear them for work, don’t do it. Instead, stick to classic, sophisticated styles such as silver, gold, matte or metallic links with square or round shapes, with little pattern and detail.
  • Tie bar —a tie bar is a horizontal clip that slips over the top of the tie and anchors under the shirt to keep the tie from flying all over the place. Considering how small this Jewellery is, you can play around with your options as you style it. The classic, sophisticated option is always safe.

Confidence: The key

At the end of the day what you wear, how you wear it, only depends on you. Men should be able to break the norms of the social constructs and try new things especially if it makes them feel good. Putting on jewellery doesn’t mean that a man becomes any less masculine. Masculinity comes from the positive attitude, chivalry and morals inside them, and not based on their style or the choice of wearing clothes or jewellery. If you follow the tips for buying Men Jewellery you will definitely land yourself in an authentic style be it titanium rings, sigen tor tungsten rings for everyday or for special occasion