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Penelope’s People Values Relationships

We strive to build excellent connections between our caregivers and clients. Our thorough interview process will assure that you will be matched with an exceptional caregiver that will make your life easier.

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Penelope’s People provides Nannies, Baby Sitters, Senior Companions, Attendants for the Elderly, as well as, Housekeepers, Home/Household Helpers, and Household Managers for general home help and housekeeping services.

Nannies are the primary child care providers for a family. They can help with preparation for school; attend play dates, meal preparation, learning activities, homework, playing games, drawing, music, singing, storytelling, reading, sports and many other activities that stimulate the brain. Nannies provide encouragement and foster personality development.

Penelope’s People provides Senior Caregivers for everything that would add to the quality and enjoyment of the life of your loved one in need.

Senior Care Companions will talk, laugh, play games, take walks, watch movies, read books, visit the library, visit family and friends, senior centers and museums with seniors.

Attendants for the Elderly assist with activities, such as, travel, concerts, games, spectator sports, lectures, swimming, gyms, athletics and going to events.

Home/Household Helpers will shop, run errands, go to the pharmacy and manage the mail. Home Attendants/Household Helpers can also perform housekeeping services to maintain and improve the living environment.
Hire a Nanny or a Senior Companion from Penelope’s People. We have the right fit to make you happy!

Penelope’s People offers the following caregiver services:
Nanny Babysitter
Baby Nurse Mom’s Helper
Senior Companion Attendants for the Elderly
Home/Household Helpers Housekeeper
Family Personal Assistant/Household Manager

Penelope’s People provides quality, loving caregivers with values worth passing on. We can find the perfect match for your family!

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