Clever tips for choosing an excellent plasma cutter

The machinery world is very complex with so many equipment, specifications and features. Even a professional gets puzzled when buying some beneficial equipment. If you want to purchase a good plasma cutter, then you can find help here. Now, let us see what a plasma cutter does and its benefits.

How does a plasma cutter work?

Plasma cutter is a tool used by welders that cut metal through sending air or gas. This plasma torch produces electric sparks that force the plasma inside and cuts through the metal. Using the plasma cutter is one of the efficient ways to cut metal. This tool attains 45000 temperature to provide enough power to cut metal. With a plasma cutter, the metal can be cut into pieces effectively, safely and cleanly. A plasma cutter is a great investment in machinery industries. If you want to purchase a perfect plasma cutter for your industry or workshop, then consider these important factors.

Choosing a plasma cutter by the work requirement

The plasma cutter can be the most beneficial tool if you select it according to your work requirement. Unlike any other cutter, a plasma cutter can through any piece of metal. When selecting a plasma cutter, it is important to consider the thickness and the amount of metal cutting required. There are numerous plasma cutter brands, and based on your welding needs, you can select a good brand.

Choosing a plasma cutter by power

The output power is one of the important features that determine the amount of cut. Every model has different output rates. If your work requires high cutting power, then the inverter plasma cutter is suitable.

Choosing a plasma cutter by cutting speed

The standard term IPM expresses the cutting speed of the plasma cutter. Generally, a good plasma cutter can cut a half-inch metal piece in just one minute. However, according to the model or metal thickness, the IPM rate may differ. Choosing a plasma cutter with the right speed is a wise investment. Also, it can increase the productivity of your industry.

Choosing a plasma cutter by duty

It is important to consider how many hours the plasma cutter works in a single day. Plasma cutters are heavy-duty machinery so they require machine cooling intervals. Factors such as low power or extreme heat can slow down the running time of this machine. A heavy or long duty plasma cutter is ideal for long and deep cuts. On the other hand, a short duty machine is ideal for small workshops.

Choosing a plasma cutter by torch

There are two different plasma torches that are high frequency and contact start torch. The high-frequency cutters create huge sparks and it is suitable to cut heavy metal with high voltage. These high-frequency cutters provide clean, effective and stable cuts. The contact start torch uses an electrode to produce sparks and cuts. These both plasma cutters are very effective but you can choose anyone according to your personal preference.


When buying a plasma cutter it is also important to check the warranty policy. Choose a manufacturer who provides a good return policy. By considering these features you can buy a Quality plasma cutter.